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Sorry for the Delay, but we're glad our server is FINALLY back up and running, here is, what was supposed to be, Our Pre-St. Patrick's Day show. We'll resume the Every Monday @ 8:00pm Central Next Monday, assuming our server is reliable. 01. The Sandcarvers - Truth Be Told 02. The Sweet Colleens - Red Rae Jean 03. Boiled In Lead - Sugarfoot Congress 04. The Langer's Ball - The Rocky Road To Dublin 05. Gaelic Storm - Raised On Black & Tans 06. Lehto & Wright - The Long Peg & Awl 07. Wild Colonial Bhoys - Big Tim Fitzgerald 08. The Doon Ceili Band - The Tailor's Thimble/The Pigtown Reel/John Byrth's 09. Altan - Johnny's Wedding/Rogue's Reel/The Gravel Walk 10. Dean Magraw & John Williams - Eddie Kelly's Favorite/The Maid In The Meadow/The Cliffs Of Moher 11. Green Tea - Shafted 12. Paddy Wagon - Farewell To Nova Scotia 13. The Brian Boru Irish Pipe Band - Green Hills Dance Remix 14. Green Tea - Moon Coin 15. The Langer's Ball - The Shores Of Botany Bay

Categorized: Music

Apr 19, 2010 9:42 PM


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