Thinking Liberty

Thinking Liberty is a weekly call-in radio show where topics are discussed from an engaging, libertarian anarchist perspective. Topics can range from what?s going on in the news to whatever is on the caller?s mind. Thinking Liberty is striving to present guests (both in studio and via the phone) that represent the full spectrum of anarchy.

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Jan 13, 2012 4:48 AM

Happy New Year; Yoda burger; printing meat; new headphones; ROBOT HOUSE!; latex seats?; Tony Iommi sick; Santorum, Santorum… Santorum; Obama signs NDAA; Santorum; defending Obama; Dan Zauderer and Devin Balkind talk Occupy movement; Fixx Brewing segment; DIY vanilla extract; bile rambles about CES news; survivalists; anti-depression and exercise pills; Armagedon! Music heard: No Fun by [...]


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