The Paleo Solution - Episode 71

Mar 15, 2011 2:01 AM

The Paleo Diet - Robb Wo...

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Download Episode Here Show Topics: 1. Dr. Oz & Gary Taubes 2. Awake at 3 AM Every Night 3. Colostrum & Leaky Gut 4. Gluten & Blood in the Urine 5. Protein Fasts 6. Need for Fructose? 7. Post Workout Shakes Show Questions: 1. Dr. Oz & Gary Taubes Gary Read more...
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Show Topics:
1. Dr. Oz & Gary Taubes
2. Awake at 3 AM Every Night
3. Colostrum & Leaky Gut
4. Gluten & Blood in the Urine
5. Protein Fasts
6. Need for Fructose?
7. Post Workout Shakes

Show Questions:

Gary Taubes was on the Dr. Oz show on March 7, 2011. Could you please, on your next podcast, do a response to Dr. Oz concerning many of the fallacious views that he presents as factual to his audience, and how he unjustifiably maligned Taubes. Granted, I know there are some differences between what Taubes says, and what strict Paleo advocates preach, but there is a lot of agreement as well, and I think Scott and Andy could perfectly articulate what went wrong in that interview.

Michael Says: Even after following Lights Out recommendations of dark & cool room, in bed by 10pm, no TV or computer 30 minutes before bed and using Natural calm I still wake up every morning by 3:00. My cortisol levels are 9 in the am and 0.4 in the pm. Please help.

Steve Says: I subscribe to “Medical News Today” RSS feed and this was posted a couple of different areas. In a nutshell, daily Colostrum reduced leaky gut syndrome by 80% in athletes compared to athletes that are not taking Colostrum.

They also mention that Colostrum could reduce the occurrence of heat stroke, which might greatly help out troops in the middle east or places similar. Thanks for the feedback!

Therese Says: Do you have any information that gluten could cause blood in the urine? I am following Paleo, but I am Catholic and attend daily Mass and receive Holy Communion. Could that small amount of wheat/gluten cause blood in the urine? Thanks!

Craig Says: I noted that while on the show both Mat Lalonde and Tim Farriss advocated short duration protein fasts to promote where plants and oils are still consumed (is that how it goes?). What’s your take on this protocol? Specifically, is it safe for someone who doesn’t intermittent fast because of cortisol management considerations, and if so, how would you suggest implementing it?

Will says: Ok, so I listened to Lalonde go off on fructose, and then read his article on your blog about low carb CF that he referenced on the podcast, and then I watched the link to fructose being a toxin and talked about this with my girlfriend who brought up the Lights Out bit about seasonal eating to get fat and make it through the winter. Like all men I want to be jacked and Fight Club ripped, not 70s big, but Lalonde said he put on some meat doing what he did.  So, if we don’t NEED to get fat and make it through the winter (especially in Manhattan Beach) is there any need at all for fructose? Or should I just stick to tubers? But those are only seasonal as well, so what’s a guy to do? And please give me a good explanation to give to my girl.

Jessica Says: I just finished reading your book. I have been listening to some of your podcasts and trying to absorb as much information as possible. I read an article in the CrossFit journal about post workout nutrition and how a protein shake is optimal given that is absorbed more quickly and therefore leads to a greater recovery. A.) I want to know what your opinion is of this and B.) I was wondering how you felt about Primal Fuel Whey protein powder.

Also, in this powder there is said to be “Prebiotic Fibers”. I was looking into purchasing the probiotics that you recommended from Jarrow, but how would the combination of the “Prebiotic Fibers” (whatever those are) and the Jarrow-Dophilus interact? Would there be unnecessary overlap? Also, there is said to be Kelp in the Whey mix-would this take care of any iodine needs?

Sorry for all the questions-just trying to piece it all together!


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