The Ragin Cajun swings by the studio with some delicious food, and talks to the guys about running a food truck and bringing the New Orleans spirit to LA. Then porn legend Peter North comes by to talk about some of his favorite costars, and his thoughts on fake boobs. DOWNLOAD HERE
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Adam and Teresa jump right into the news. The Flint stabbing suspect is still on the loose, and Adam offers a better motive for the killer. Teresa talks about having to co-sign a loan for her father, and talks about the importance of living within your means. Adam also tells more stories from backstage during his recent run of shows in Tempe.

The Ragin Cajun, Stephen Domingue, enters the studio with several samplings of his delicious Cajun food. He's just spent the last couple months touring the country; cooking and filming for a new reality competition on the Food Network. Teresa teases him about losing to the crepe guy, but Stephen can't say a word about who won. He talks about coming to the city with nothing, and then trying to bring 'fais do-do' to LA (or essentially New Orleans culture).

Adam talks further with him about the culture, and also the experience of cooking and eating an alligator. Stephen talks about how the oil spill is affecting his business, and also the impact of other recent events like Hurricane Katrina and the Saints winning the Superbowl. He'll soon be serving his food at USC football games, and be sure to check him out on the new Food Network series, The Great Food Truck Race.

Peter North comes in, and Adam asks him how many porno films he's been in. Peter says he's lost count, but something like 1700. He talks about growing up in Canada, moving to LA, and eventually claiming fame for 'the money shot'. Everyone has a good laugh going through his various porn nicknames. Teresa asks him some very personal but interesting questions about the finer details of filming, and Peter also clears up the controversial gay porn issue.

They talk a bit more about the current state of the porn industry, and Peter flashes back to some of his favorite co-stars, and stories from the set. They also talk about his family's reactions to his career, and the times Peter was so turned off, he couldn't go through with the scene.

Back to the news, they talk about a guy caught marinating a live cat. They also talk about American Idol judges, Bill O'Reilly, and Jennifer Anniston, which eventually leads to a conversation about having to do shitty movies to stay relevant. The final news story involves Bachelorette star Ali and her threats of having controversial photos released. It leads Adam into a rant about invasion of privacy, and how we seem to have lost all sense of decency.

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Executive Producer: Donny Misraje
Producer: Angie Fitzsimmons
Audio: Mike Dawson
Writer: Mike Lynch
Production Engineer: Logan Moy
Search: Chris Laxamana
Build and Edit: Chris Laxamana
Phones: Brian Meyer
Show Summary: Matt Fondiler


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